Have you been single for so long that it seems as if you’ll never find love?⁠
In order to understand how to manifest your soulmate it’s crucial to understand why you haven’t been able to so far.⁠
While everyone’s journey to find love is varied there are often common factors in play that can block you from attracting your ideal partner.⁠
Here are a few reasons that may resonate with you;⁠
💜You’ve unconsciously shut down: This is you trying to protect your heart after heartbreak/disappointment but this also means your heart is not open to receiving new love.⁠
💜You have unfinished business: It’s hard to attract love if you’re still living in the past. Maybe you have not properly processed a past relationship or maybe you are still hung up over an old partner. ⁠
💜You’ve lost faith: You have been looking for love for a long time and you might have stopped believing that there is such thing as a soulmate. You maybe tempted to settle for an okay relationship rather than trying to find love.⁠
I will go into more depth about how to manifest your soul mate using the Law of Attraction once you have taken out any roadblocks in your way!
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