Each emotion and feeling that you have on a moment-by-moment basis is a manifestation. Yes, you read that correctly. Your EMOTIONS are manifestations. This is how The Universe delivers your experience into your reality. 

You might think that it’s the materialization of that thing you want. As an example, you might wish for a new car, a soulmate, a dream home – HOWEVER – it’s how you feel about these things that can be manifested as fast as a flash of lightning. 

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction philosophy that “thoughts become things”.

Well, that’s only one piece of a much larger puzzle. 

Here are 3 Secrets for Instant Manifestation that will support you on your journey to creating anything that your heart desires…

  • Secret 1: You Can Guide Your Energy and Your Emotions

When you remember that you have the power to guide your energy and your emotions then you can gain awareness over the vibration you are sending out there for The Universe to respond to. This means when you are handing your power over by blaming someone else for how you feel.

When you own your emotions you will create and manifest miracles faster than you can count. And yes, this can manifest instantly.


  • Secret 2: The Universe wants you to let go of time as a construct

As humans, we get so caught up on the notion of life manifesting in the time we want it to, versus the time that it requires to be ready for what we ultimately asked for. Let’s just say you want to bake a delicious cake. You mix up all of the ingredients, preheat the oven, make sure it’s in the right pan, lick the spoon, and set the timer. You know that in 45-60 minutes you will have a perfectly spongy, super-yummy, gluten free vegan chocolate cake. However, if you take it out before it’s ready – because you just want to eat the darn cake already, it will not be what you envisioned. It won’t. It will taste gross. 

The Universe wants you to remember to trust in divine timing – that your intentions are cooking, and if you pull them out of the oven too soon, you will be eating the raw batter of disappointment. When you remember that everything always appears in perfect Divine timing, then you can manifest instantly. 

  • Secret 3: Strengthen Your Intuition and Your Emotional Awareness Daily

It’s like building a muscle. You must show up in the gym to do the work, or the muscle can’t work for you and show up with the strength you need. Simply by asking yourself and checking in to see how you’re feeling will help you to manifest instantly. When you become acutely aware of your vibration and the what you are feeling – what will serve you becomes crystal clear and you have direct access to the present moment. This is called the creation point!


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