So, you’re dating. You get to know someone a little and all of a sudden *POOF* they are gone!⁠
Gone. Gone without any warning or explanation.⁠
For those unaware of this phenomenon it is when a person ends a relationship with another person suddenly without any explanation and withdrawing all communication.⁠
Why is this phenomenon on the rise? Why do people ghost?⁠
Throw-away society⁠
We live in a consumer centric society full of disposable item. People can hide behind screens and form more detached relationships. This aspect due to this and such detachment makes it easier to justify actions such as ghosting.⁠
A lack of connection to one’s feminine energies⁠
Some men have been programmed to be “tougher”. They might have trouble expressing their emotions and letting women know how they feel.⁠
In the same way women have become less in touch with their feminine side which can lead to behaviours that shows a lack of respect for a man. Respect is the greatest aphrodisiac a man can receive. Without respect, a man can feel belittled and may lose any attraction he has for a woman.⁠
Lack of Courage⁠
Both genders have become so fearful of embarrassment that most people let these situations slide without an explanation rather than trying to contact the partner involved in some other way to get closure. This makes it easier and more acceptable to ghost someone since it seems like there are no repercussions for ghosting.⁠
One other reason as to why people turn to ghosting is fear that the other person might not accept the boundary. Ending a relationship can be an emotionally heated affair and therefore it’s necessary to make sure you are grounded before you let someone know that you no longer wish to be with them. It’s a lot better to let them know rather than ghosting and leaving them guessing.⁠
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