The ancient ritual which exist more than 3500 years. Special method of unique ritual, which was passed by ancient priests, is now open to people. This ritual accumulates the special emotional energy of people and creates a miracle: people are healed, strikes and wars stop, earthquakes, tsunamis calm down. More than 250 000 of people already felt the healing power of prayer all over the world.

 A Prayer Circle represents a circle of People joined in prayer, standing around a healing light. Half are in body and the other half are in Spirit. We have joined hands, forming a bridge between the two worlds.

 How Does Prayer Work

 The First Step to prayer is THOUGHT

In thinking of your needs unselfishly or the needs of others, you have placed these thoughts into ACTION which is second step, bringing them

now into the world where there awaits the expectation of body and mind

 After you have submitted your request , you have now complete the third step of prayer : FAITH That which needs to be done will be done. “According to Thy Will, let it be done.”

 Just follow these simple instructions and know that you have joined this circle of spirit in your healing request:

Call on God, and invite your loved ones, in Spirit, and all those who lovingly join you in prayer at this time. Remember at this time we are all here in Spirit.

 In your mind and heart, join into the circle where the hands are illuminated..representing the bridge between those in body and those in Spirit…and place your prayers into the central Healing Light, bringing meaning, life and action to your healing request.

 Pray for those for whom you have requested healing and comfort. Pray for your own needs as well. Feel the wholeness of yourself, as Spirit, and all that you are a part of .

 Ask God and Spirit to receive your healing prayers, as you sit for a few moments in silent meditation and prayer.


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