Opening your third eye and developing clairvoyance doesn’t have to be easier said than done. In fact, since this is one of my most requested topics, I put together this mega “cheat sheet” to get your intuitive ball rolling:

1. Visualization exercise. Visualization exercises will help strengthen and fine tune your third eye muscles. You can do this exercise with almost anything, but I LOVE using flowers (they’re pretty and if you use real ones, they smell good!) Simply place a flower in front of you and study it for a little while. Now, close your eyes and imagine the flower in as much detail as you can. Let the color, shape, size, etc. flood your mind. Practicing this clairvoyant exercise will help you become a stronger and more accurate psychic.

2. Day dream. Head back to your childhood days and let your logical mind check out for awhile! Relax, close your eyes, and focus on your third eye area (the area in between your eyebrows). Then, ask your Spirit Guides to show you beautiful, peaceful images. Don’t try to control what you see, or think too much about what they’re showing you. Just let your mind wander and allow your Guides to connect with you through your clairvoyance.

3. Talk to your Spirit Guides. Obviously it’s easier to ask your Spirit Guides to show you some beautiful images. If you haven’t talked with your Guides yet, don’t worry. It’s much easier than you think. In fact, this is the one of the most effortless (yet powerful!) clairvoyant exercises you’ll ever learn.
All you need to do is simply start checking in with your Spirit Guides throughout the day. If you need help making a decision or intuitive guidance, check in with your spiritual (Don’t worry, they can totally hear you.) Take notice of any intuitive nudges you feel or images that come to mind through your clairvoyance.

4. Set an intention. Those Spirit Guides you’re now getting acquainted with will help you through all of your clairvoyant exercises. Your intuitive gifts, including clairvoyance are how your Guides communicate with you. So if you’re feeling stuck, or aren’t sure what to do first, don’t be shy about asking them for help. All you need to do is set the intention that you want Divine guidance from your Spirit Guides in your life. Once you’ve set the intention, be on the lookout for signs, they’ll be everywhere!

5. Practice seeing auras. It’s true… ANYONE can learn to see an aura (the energy around living things!) So it goes without saying that this is a great clairvoyance exercise! To get started seeing auras, have a friend stand in front of a plain colored wall. Step back about eight feet (you don’t need to break out a tape measure, just stand far enough back that you can see her cute shoes and head without looking up or down.) Then, focus on your friend’s forehead (the third eye area). Imagine you are looking through her, at the wall behind. You will start to notice the aura layer around the head. That’s it!

6. Add meditation to your daily routine. Mediation is one of the most important clairvoyant exercises you’ll practice. It grounds you and raises your energetic vibe, which allows you to access all the psychic goodness in the universe!

7. Don’t forget to journal. Once you connect with your Higher Self and Spiritual team, I can just about promise that you’ll have a few things you want to jot down. It helps get you in touch with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

8. Practice giving readings often. Here’s the thing… you can read about psychic development and intuitive readings all day long, but at some point you have to actually get out there and give some readings. Yes, it’s a little scary at first, but giving readings to family members, friends, and friends of friends is one of the best clairvoyant exercises you can do. Just be sure to get their permission first. 🙂

9. Get yourself a fluorite crystal. Fluorite crystal does double-duty by activating your third eye and providing you with psychic protection at the same time. (Plus, it’s gorgeous!) To get all the benefits of fluorite, sage it and then meditate with it nearby, wear it as jewelry, or sleep with it near your pillow

10. Use rosemary essential oil on your third eye chakra. I’m a big believer in using the natural power of essential oils for just about everything, including psychic development. For opening clairvoyance, take a small drop of rosemary essential oil and carefully rub it on your third eye chakra (the area between your eyebrows).
Tip: Meditate with some rosemary essential oil running in your diffuser (or on your third eye) for a powerful clairvoyant meditation!

11. Eat high-vibrational foods. It’s true, the food you eat affects your vibration! Adding high vibration foods to your diet, such as fresh fruits and even dark, organic chocolate does help raise your energetic vibe and strengthen your aura. Plus, it helps you feel better physically which will make it way easier to develop your psychic abilities.

12. Join a spiritual development circle or take a class. This tip was critical for me when I first started developing your psychic abilities. Learning from a trusted mentor will give you a safe, loving environment in which to develop your psychic abilities and mediumship.

13. Meditate with a crystal on your third eye. Sage crystal, get a pillow and lay comfortably. Place any of the following crystals on your third eye while you meditate or envision your clairvoyance strengthening:
• Amethyst
• Labradorite
• Aquamarine
• Opal
• Fluorite
• Tektite
• Celestite
• Tiger’s Eye
• Moonstone
• Sugilite
• Ulexite

14. Zener cards. Using a pack of Zener cards practice sending telepathic images to and from a friend.

15. Keep a dream journal. Clairvoyant images and messages can often come through in our dreams. For this reason, keeping a dream journal and pen near your bed can be super handy. After a while, you might to notice that you are seeing patterns or symbols in your dreams!

16. Get to know other psychics and mediums. Being a psychic or medium is a unique path. There’s a certain set of challenges and obstacles that face us that the rest of the world simply won’t get. That makes it really nice to have the support of others who are just like you! Plus, they can let you in on their tips and serve as great practice partners.

17. Learn to turn your gifts “on”. Once you start to developing clairvoyance, you’ll want to learn how to control it. This way you’re not “on” all the time and receiving intuitive images all day long. So, prior to using any of the clairvoyant exercises in this post, imagine lighting a candle in your mind. Then, invite your Spirit Guides and Angels in, and get the feeling of turning your gifts on. The candle visualization lets your spiritual helpers know that you are ready to receive intuitive and Spirit communication.

18. Learn to turn your gifts “off”. Obviously the next tip is to learn to turn your clairvoyancy OFF when you are done practicing. So once you’ve wrapped up, imagine blowing out the candle in your mind. Then, be sure to thank your spiritual helpers for their Divine support. This will help you control your gifts when you’re not working with Spirit or giving a reading.

19. Release expectations. Take the pressure off of yourself and forget everything you’ve ever seen about psychic abilities in the movies. Instead, be open to the way in which clairvoyance comes to you. It might be a vision that plays out like a movie in your mind, a still image, something symbolic, or something totally unique to you!

20. Focus on your third eye. Even though this is the last of the clairvoyant exercises, it’s one of the most important! Your third eye is where your clairvoyance will stem from. As your psychic abilities increase, remember to allow and trust the intuitive images and visions that come to your mind. Do meditations that activate your abilities, place crystals on your third eye, and even give it some taps.

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