Quartz Crystal Points

 A quartz crystal point is a great tool for setting and maintaining the energy of your clear intentions. If you know what intention you want to set, write it down on a piece of paper. After folding the paper, set it down on your sacred altar, or somewhere that is easily visible so it can be a constant reminder. Then place the point on top of the written intention, set your hands atop the point, and repeat the intention aloud one more time. Points are all about sending focused energy upward toward the universe.


Quartz Crystal Cluster

 Quartz crystal clusters are great if you want to infuse every area of your space with light. Because of the many different points on a cluster, the energy of stone is being focused in a variety of directions at the same time. For this reason, Heather suggests placing a quartz crystal cluster in your living room so that no matter what energy enters the space, it will continue to resonate with the positivity of quartz.


Quartz Crystal Jewelry

 Wearing quartz crystal jewelry allows you to connect with the purifying energy of quartz all day long. This acts as a talisman, constantly infusing you with healing properties like enhanced clarity, focus and power. To amplify your success with this energy accessory, you can program your quartz crystal jewelry. Programming your intention into your jewelry gives you a touchstone that you can easily access to recenter yourself with the energy of your goals.


How to Give Your Quartz Crystal a Job

 Quartz crystals beam with energy, but it’s up to us to focus that energy toward a specific intention. You can do this by first cleansing your crystal, so that you ensure you’re working with a clean energetic slate. While there are many ways to cleanse a crystal, one of the easiest is to simply immerse the stone in the smoke of sage. After you purify the stone, sit with the crystal for awhile as you sync with its energy. Think to yourself what energy you like focus on right now in your life. For example, if you want clarity on something, hold your quartz crystal in your hand, and think: I program this crystal for clarity; may it help me to remain in alignment with my spirit and aspirations. This serves as a reminder of the energy that you want to embody when the chaos of life tries to shift your focus toward negativity.


Try a Crystallized Salt Scrub in Your Bathing Ritual

 A salt scrub can be a great way to remove leftover energy from your body. After all, salt comes from the mineral halite, best known for its purifying healing properties. Heather’s recipe for a salt scrub that exfoliates both the skin and the soul, calls for a small glass jar filled with sea salt, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and a quartz crystal tumbled stone. Allow the quartz crystal to charge the contents within the jar for two days prior to using the scrub. Then, when you’re ready to take your shower or bath, remove the crystal from the scrub mix. Take some of the scrub into your hands, and rub it over your arms, legs, neck, the bottom of your feet, and all over the rest of your body. Do this for 11 days straight. This aids you in purifying the spirit, and getting completely clear in the energy you want to ground yourself in.

 Quartz crystal is one of the most popular stones, and as such, we often take it for granted by overlooking its many benefits. Because quartz crystal is one of the most versatile and powerful stones for healing the spirit and programming clear intentions, it has a lot of wisdom to offer us. Tap into the clear quartz meaning to clear the mind, body and spirit of everything except the positive energy of your intentions.


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