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Half Deck Reading

A 30 minute reading which will tell you about your past, present and future. It is always best when getting a reading to have a psychic look into your past and present to make sure a connection is being made. Therefore, you can be self assured the futuristic predictions will be accurate as well.

Price: (£)60.00 GBP

Full Deck Reading

Will Involve all 78 cards which will give you more details on your past, present and future. This reading will also be combined with a Question an Answer spread at the end of the reading. There is no specific time frame reading last as long as necessary but does not go beyond an hour.

Price: (£)80.00 GBP

Chakra Balancing Reading

While receiving a full deck reading you will be given a crystal chakra balancing mediation with crystals that have been cleansed and programmed to create balance in your chakras. This will heighten your intuition so when having difficulties in a particular situation or with a particular person your own personal intuition will help you understand, respond and give you guidance to achieve the best possible outcome

Price: (£)150.00 GBP

Crystal Mediation

Involving 4 to 6 sessions over a two to three week time period. Plus 7 chakra balancing crystals. There may be extra session that are needed depending what is being revealed, but there will be no extra charge

Price: (£)455.00 GBP

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