Simple Love Spells

Simple Love Spells

Psychic Twin Sisters

For over 35 years the Psychic Twin Sisters have successfully guided people through their confusing cycles of life. They have searched spirituality from many different holy lands and countries, only to find that we are all praying to the same God, whether it be in India or right here in America. The Psychic Twin Sisters’ motto is, “Spirituality is not a religion but rather a way that we treat other people, our relationship with God and with ourselves. Respecting the universal energies is a sense of respecting one’s self.” They have been blessed to chant with the goddess’ of love and to reunite lovers or just to help you find your perfect soulmate.

Psychic Twin Sisters’ Specialties

Heart healing and soul contract release from past relationships. Removal of past trauma from heartache and loss so that you can create space and harmony for your true love. Manifest Destiny to fulfill life dreams and goals.

The use of Tarot Card, Candle work, Plant Medicine and Channeling to speak with our divine spirit guides and the inner intuitive self.

Working with you to clear negative forces that are creating blockages and difficulties in your life. Removing harm that people are causing you.

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Clearing negative self-talk.

Working with groups of healers and powerful spiritual guides in collective prayer over your situation to achieve stronger resolution.

Sacred Soul Retrieval practices using ancestral knowledge and shamanic practices.

Energy Realignment for body and home (Chakra Healing, Aura Cleansing, Purification and Blessings for new homes & businesses).

Simple Love Spells

Do you have problems with your partner? Fights and misunderstandings? Is everything breaking down?

Psychic Twin Sisters’ Simple Love Spells can help.

They have love spells and meditations that will be created and customized specifically to all your needs and wants.

Simple Love Spell Packages

Romance Package

Spice Up Your Relationship With A Passion Spell, Love Enhancer Spell, And Desire Only Me Love Spell. This Package Has Been Created To Rejuvenate Lovers Experience And To Enhance Emotions For Each Other. Includes 3 Candles And Personalised Meditation Scroll With Full Instructions. Shipping Not Included

Forever In Love Package

Create True Balance In Your Relationship Again With An Extremely Powerful Reuniting Love Spell, Love Binding Spell & Love Me Forever Spell To Create An Everlasting Love Connection Between You And Your Loved One. This Package Includes 2 Love Spell Candles 1 Chakra Candle 3 Personalised Meditation Scrolls 1 Sage Bundle Shipping Not Included

Lovers Dream Package

Indulge Your Self With A Unique Variety Of Simple Love Spells. True Love Spell, Commitment Spell, Lead Me To My Soulmate Spell. This Package Is Created For You To Have The Ultimate Relationship. Spell Includes 3 Candles A Personalised Meditation Instruction Scroll For Each Candle. Shipping Not Included

Individual Simple Love Spells

Love Spells which You Can Choose As Many As You Like. Simple Love Spell, Think Of Me Spell, Contact Me Spell, Stop Divorce Spell, Attract True Love Spell, Be Faithful Spell, Forgiveness Spell. Each Spell Includes 1 Candle 1 Sage Bundle, Personalized Love Spell Scroll With Instructions. Shipping Not Included

Spiritual Chakra Balancing KitThis

Remedy Was Created For Individuals Who Need Positive Energy Frequencies To Flow With In Their Inner Being which Includes Dally Positive Affirmations Package. Includes 7 Candles 7 Tumble Stones,1 Sage Bundle & 7 Scrolls Of Mediation Instructions 30 Day Per Chakra Point. Shipping Not Included.

Negative Interference's

This Ritual Was Created To Stop Others From Interfering In Your Relationship, Such Has Jealous People & Ex-Partners To Stop Creating Havoc In Your Life Permanently. Includes 3 Candles, 1 Sage Bundle & A Meditation Scroll With Instructions. Shipping Not Included.

***Pricing may vary depending on client needs

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